Raap Trading SRL is an Import / Export company specialized in the commercialization and distribution in the national and international territory of home care and personal care products.


Founded in 2011 in Naples by a well-known managerial pool with extensive knowledge of the sector, Raap Trading gains more and more credit from Italian customers, becoming in a few years an undisputed reference point for the supply of products of the best-known brands on the market.


In European territory the Raap Trading SRL since the first year, it has signed important agreements with the major international suppliers, committing itself to increase the sales power in the extra-territorial field, ensuring new partnerships with world-class companies.


In 2012 the company management is working to create its own new brand "Violetta", whose development is focused on a wide range of products synonymous with quality and convenience.


2017 is marked as a decisive year for the company's growth, with important logistical and production innovations that have incisively implemented the commercial development capacity of Raap Trading.